Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max PRO Combines Key Tool Max and Mini OBD Tool Functions Adds CAN FD, BMW CAS1-CAS3 IMMO

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2023 Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max PRO Remote Maker and Key Programmer

Xhorse VVDI KEY TOOL MAX PRO is a professional all-in-one smart device with multi-function, Bluetooth and WIFI communication interface, which is convenient for connecting and controlling Xhorse key cutting machines. It supports various OBD functions such as vehicle diagnosis, IMMO program, throttle program, TPMS, and maintenance light reset.


  • with Built-in OBD module, Combines functions of Key Tool Max and Mini OBD Tool
  • Comes with integrated CAN FD for GM vehicles and All in One
  • Adds battery voltage measurement, and leakage current measurement
  • Supports Toyota H all keys lost with 8A AKL adapter
  • Control Xhorse Condor/Dolphin key cutting machines
  • Generate 10 unversal remotes to get ID48 96bit cloning function
  • App Language: English, German, Spanish, Persian, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese (App language has no limitation. Free to switch now, database language is English)
  • BMW CAS1- CAS3 Key Programming and Mileage Repair
  • Partial Toyota 8A/4D Add key and all keys lost

xhorse key tool max pro new update
The brand new Key Tool Max Pro from Xhorse comes with all the features of the existing Key Tool Max but with much, much more!

Designed with locksmiths in mind this device has all the staple featues of Xhorse's excellent VVDI Key Tool range including transponder cloning & generation, RF testing and remote renewal. It also opens up the world of the Xhorse Super Chip and Xhorse Universal Remotes; increasing your vehicle coverage immensely. 

This new device comes complete with an OBD cable allowing programming directly through the Key Tool Max Pro rather than needing a separate programmer. It also means the device receives power over OBD so you don't need to worry about losing charge on the job!

  • Immo Programming
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Service Light Reset
  • Remote Signal Detection
  • Remote Battery Voltage Detection
  • Generate Wired/Wireless Remotes and Smart Keys
  • Program / Clone Transponders Using Xhorse Super Chips
  • Generate Special Transponders
  • Renew Remotes
  • Recognize and Clone Access Cards
  • Generate and Clone Fixed Code Garage Remotes
  • Frequency Detection and Remote Cloning
  • Control Xhorse Key Cutting Machines

Newly Added OBD Module

KEY TOOL MAX and MINI OBD TOOL used to be a great combination, enabling users to finish various works via wireless connection. Now, MAX PRO comes with an OBD cable which could connect it to vehicle OBDⅡ port, which means you don't need to purchase MINI OBD TOOL for immo programming and other functions. Meanwhile, wire connection usually can be highly secure and reliable with low risk.
xhorse key tool max pro add obd module

Built-in CAN_FD Module, Expanded Function

Concerning immo programming, MAX PRO is designed with a CAN_FD module, making it possible to complete immo programming for various CAN_FD models such as Cadillac CT4/CT5, Buick GL8, Encore, etc. Of particular note, Xhorse offers continuous upgrades for free and car models supported keep increasing for your convenience.
xhorse key tool max pro can fd protocol

Battery Test Module

Combining the needs of automotive locksmiths with our innovations, KEY TOOL MAX PRO features a new battery test module. By simply connecting to the leakage detection cable, users can test whether a remote battery is having electric leakage (range: 1μA~35μA) and detect the voltage of a remote battery (range: 0V~36V).
xhorse key tool max pro battery test
Another feature that provides convenience to you! The OBD cable of KEY TOOL MAX PRO is equipped with lighting to facilitate your work, making you have a comfortable using experience.
xhorse vvdi key tool max pro obd light

NEW - BMW CAS3/Toyota Models Programming

To make it a more powerful and competitive tool, KEY TOOL MAX PRO is projected to add programming feature of BMW CAS3 and some Toyota models soon. Like always, Xhorse offers continuous upgrades on this very new machine and more can be expected!

Example: Key Tool Max Pro Adds BMW CAS3++ ISTAP Key by OBD

xhorse key tool max pro 1
Transponder Identification & Clone:
  • Supports transponder identification of most immobilizer transponders in the US Market
  • Supports editing and coping of most common transponders
  • Supports ID46, ID48(96bits), and Toyota 8A/H transponder online calculation
Generate Transponder:
  • Generate immobilizer transponders for over 850 car models of 80 makes worldwide.
  • Generate immobilizer transponders and write immobilizer data, especially for some special car models, old car models, etc.

lmmo Programming:
  • Supports immo programming for thousands of popular car models.
  • Supports CANFD models such as Cadillac CT4/CT5, Buick GL8, Encore, etc. 
Powerful TPMS Functions:
  • Support XTPMS programming, up to 20 sensors simultaneously
  • Reprogram XTPMS sensor
  • Activate original TPMS and XTPMS sensor (315Mhz, 433Mhz)
  • Copy and change sensor ID
  • Read TPMS data like tire pressure, temperature, battery, etc.
  • Support OBD reading, writing, read & clear DTCs
  • Compatible with multiple car models, support for more models coming soon
Remote Clone:
Supports HCS/Fixed code cloning, non-HCS rolling code cloning, PT22XX, LX918, HT6P20, VD5026, AX5326, HT12X fixed code editing.

Generate Remote:
Generate remote for over 6000 vehicle remotes of 200 car brands worldwide.
Generate garage remote for over 100 models.

Frequency Detection:
Supports frequency detection within the range of 300-450MHz.

Compatible with Xhorse Key Cutting Machines:
KEY TOOL MAX PRO can be used to control Xhorse key cutting machines via Bluetooth to finish various tasks like all key lost, find bitting, cut by bitting etc., saving much time for its users. (Support DOLPHIN, MINI PLUS, XC-MINI, etc.)

Technical Support:
With 'Customer Service' on Xhorse APP, you'll get live and free
technical support from a professional and dedicated team to help you tackle any problems.

Worry-free Warranty:
A one-year (365 days) warranty is offered by Xhorse from the date you purchased the product.

Battery: 3375mAh
Standby: >5 Days
Inoput: 1.5A
Light: >400nits
Screen Resolution: 1280*720P
Camera: 800W
WiFi& Bluetooth: 802.11a/g/g/n/ac & 4.2 BLE

Pakage List:
key tool max pro pacakge

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool MAX PRO vs Key Tool Max
Item Xhorse Key Tool Max

key tool max

Xhorse Key Tool Max Pro

key tool max pro

CPU Quad core CPU Quad core CPU
RAM 1G+8G 1G+8G
OBD module External Mini OBD Tool Built-in
CANFD module  No Yes
OBD Power Supply No, power by USB only Power by OBD or USB cable
Battery Voltage Test No Yes
Immobilizer programming With Mini OBD Built-in
Cadillac CT4/CT5 CAN FD No Yes
Chevrolet Cavalier / Trax  CAN FD No Yes
Service Reset With Mini OBD Yes, built-in
Generate remote (remote, smart card, Toyota XM remote, garage remote) Yes Yes
Copy remote Yes Yes
Identify/copy chip Yes Yes
Generate chip Yes Yes
File make key (Immo data tool) Yes Yes
Other special functions Yes Yes

key tool max pro vs key tool max
xhorse key tool max pro vs key tool max
Package Includes:
1pc x KEY TOOL MAX PRO deivce
1pc x OBD to DB15 cable with light 
1pc x Remote programming cable 
1pc x Leakage detection cable
1pc x USB cable
1pc x User Manual

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