Universal Car Code Reader Enhanced AUTEK 501 OBD2 Scanner with Battery Check Read & Erase Fault Code I/M Readiness Freeze Frame Car Info DataStream


Product Description


Note: The number of data items supported by different models in diffe-rent years is also different, depending on the actual support situation.

This product is a CAN OBDII / EOBD code reader is the easiest and fastest solution for OBD faults.

It provides useful information when diagnosing and checking engine problems. It quickly and effectively solves OBD2/ EOBD on today's vehicles. Failure problem. Breaking the concept of the conventional car OBD reading card, it has a new definition, it also has a 2.8-inch TFT color screen and functions for I/M preparation testing. It has a stylish appearance and creates a frst-class material feel. It is not a simple car reading code. The card fault detector is the perfect tool for the mechanic to wait.

AUTEK 501 your car’s professional doctor.

Read Codes: Identifies which section of the emission control system has malfunctioned. You’ll get a general idea of what normally causes the code so you can schedule a proper repair when it’s convenient for you.

Erase Codes: Turns off the annoying check engine light (and other error codes) after issues have been detected and needed repairs have been made.

I/M Readiness Status : I/M Readiness allows you to check if the various emissions-related systems on the vehicle are operating properly so you can know whether your vehicle is ready for local emission inspection.

Data Stream: Retrieves and displays live data and parameters from the vehicle’s ECU. This real-time error detection will help you identify a problem as soon as it develops.

Freeze Frame: Takes a snapshot of the operating conditions when an emission-related fault occurs, making it super convenient to identify the problem.

On-Board Monitor Test: Retrieves test results for emission-related powertrain components and systems that are not continuously monitored, allowing you to see if the engine has any misfire or compression problems on a particular cylinder.

Vehicle Info: Retrieves a list of information (Vehicle Identification Number, Calibration ID, and Calibration Verification Number). This is highly valuable for record purposes or car tracking.

Battery Tester: Our car diagnostic scanner can show Supports real-time battery monitoring, displays the voltage of your vehicle.



High reliability, wide supply voltage range of 8~36V, with stronger overcurrent and overvoltage protection.

Battery status:

Autek 501 can view the battery status in real time and provide you with accurate battery information, which is convenient for you to take care of your vehicle and protect your driving safety.

Good condition: Generator voltage, the normal value is 13.4-14.8V

Not Bad: The battery cannot be charged below 13.4V

Need Check: The battery cannot be charged 12.8~13.4V

Need Check: The car is energized but not started, it is the battery voltage, the normal value is 12.2 -12.8V,If it is lower than 11.6V, please turn off the electrical appliances in the car as soon as possible and start the engine to charge immediately

Bad: If the value is lower than 10V, it may not start

Caution: Do not connect or disconnect any test equipment when ignition switch is opening or engine is running.

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