Thinkscan S99 Scan Tool for (Oil/Brake/SAS/ETS/DPF) 5 Reset with Full Systems Diagnose,

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Product Description

Professional Car Diagnostic Tool


Tips: Only one car brand is allowed to be activated

All aspects of OBD2 CHECK, to ensure safe driving, safe travel, and provide protection for your family and yourself

Full Systems CHECK, without missing every detail, take care of your car and prolong the service life of your car

5 Kind of Maintainance Functions, BRAKE, DPF, ETS, OIL, SAS, once and for all, save the high cost of going to the Dealership, solve the problem by yourself, save a lot of expenditure for your family

Real-time data feedback, timely follow-up of the vehicle situation, and the result report can be analyzed whether it can be repaired or sent to the Dealership

5 Reset Funtional



  • After maintenance, reset the oil maintenance light to zero
  • After maintenance, reset the throttle (ETS) code light
  • After maintenance, re-acquire the position of the brake pads and reset the code light
  • Reposition the car steering wheel to the horizontal position so that the steering wheel is aligned horizontally ( SAS)
  • After maintenance, reset the DPF code light


After the repair and maintenance, clear the error code light and regain the normal maintenance position. Inability to give warnings to avoid car breakdowns, keep your car safe and healthy.

Full System Diagnoses


Starting from the whole car, check the health of the whole car system, scan and report from the beginning to the end


  • EVAP SYSTEM : Detect the car fuel evaporation control system, so that the fuel is fully burned, energy saving ,clean the ducted air, and better to pass the automobile inspection test
  • ABS SYSTEM : Through ABS detection, check the existing condition of ABS, check whether it is necessary to replace the brake pads and let the position of the brake pads get back
  • DPF SYSTEM : Detect the DPF condition, reset the DPF fault light after repairing and clear the code light
  • TPMS SYSTEM : Check the tire pressure, check the health of the tire and drive safely
  • IMMO SYSTEM : Anti-theft system detection, check the use of the key
  • SRS SYSTEM : Check the condition of the car airbag and get the report result
  • EPB SYSTEM : Check the use of handbrake/footbrake/electronic handbrake to ensure safe driving
  • ETS SYSTEM : Check the condition of the throttle valve, reset the condition of the throttle valve after repairing, and clear the code light
  • BATTERY SYSTEM : Check the battery system condition, check the battery health, and avoid the battery empty state
  • ENG SYSTEM : Check the ENG condition, find out the meaning of the ENG code and repair accurately
  • HAVC SYSTEM : Check the car air-conditioning system and get the report result
  • SAS SYSTEM : Check the steering angle of the steering wheel, restore the horizontal direction and clear the code light


System-wide inspection makes your travel more safe and always help you find and solve the problems at the first time

cover 37+ obd2 vehicles brands



  • Only one car brand activation is supported
  • Compatible with most car models on the market
  • Satisfy the daily use of most people, the ARM system is fast and convenient

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