THINKCAR THINKSCAN MAX obd2 Full System Scan AUTO VIN Scan ECU Coding A/F Reset lifeTime Free Updare

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1.Full System Diagnostic for 94 Car Makes: 2.28 Maintenance Reset Functions: 3.Actuation Test(Bi-Directional Test ) and ECU Coding Supports :( Note : need Subscription ) 4.Wireless Connection, Bluetooth Diagnosis:

NCH CRP909 CRP909X CRP909E CRP909C , Thinktool mini , ArtiDiag800 BT , AD800, THINKCAR MUCAR VO6 )( PK LAUNCH CRP909 CRP909X CRP909E CRP909C , Thinktool mini , ArtiDiag800 BT , AD800 )

English , German , Spanish , French , Italian , Japanese , Portuguese , Russian , Polish

ThinkCar ThinkScan Max is with Life-time Free Update for All All system diagnoise & 28 Reset Function .

( ECU Coding & Action Test need subscription , $49.95/year )

Why Choose ThinkCar ThinkScan MAX ?

1.Full System Diagnostic for 94 Car Makes:

There are many other full system diagnostic scanners in the market, but most of which only supports 50-60 car makes. However, thinktool mini code reader scan tool will be able to perform full system diagnosis on 94 car makes, offering repairshops more choice and chance no matter what kinds of vehicles you encounter.

2.28 Maintenance Reset Functions:

Besides diagnostic function, thinktool mini can also be a maintenance reset tool, then you don't need to buy another service tool. The 16 commonly-used function includes: oil reset, Sunroof reset,EPB service, ABS bleeding, Injector Coding,Suspension reset, Gearbox reset,AFS Headlamp Reset,Throttle Adaptation,Gear Learning, EGR Reset, BMS, SAS,DPF, IMMO, Basic TPMS Reset service etc.

3.Actuation Test(Bi-Directional Test ) and ECU Coding Supports :( Note : need Subscription )

Actuation Test Supports ,this function is used to test whether the execution components in the electronic controlsystem can work normally.

What is Active Test &Bi-directional control?

Bi-Directional Control capability and is capable of performing Active Tests to access vehicle-specific subsystems and component tests. The tester outputs commands to the ECU to drive the actuators in order to determine the integrity of the system or parts by reading the ECU data, or by monitoring the operation of the actuators .For example , x431 v have the ability to actuate relays, injectors, coils, or perform system tests, etc. Also it will actuate solenoids valve and actuators for active testing to identify the error easily moreover. The bidirectional functions are quite extensive. even open an e.g.r. valve and seeing the difference in idle response and oxygen sensor voltage. Please note: Active tests are NOT universal for all vehicles, check compatibility with VIN number before purchase. Active tests vary depending on the manufacturer, year, and model, and only the available tests display in the menu.

What is ECU Coding?

The advanced coding function is used to re-flash the vehicle control modules, which allows you to update the computer software on the vehicle to the latest version, as well as to reprogram adaptive data for certain components after making repairs or replacements, providing solutions for the issues of drivability, fuel efficiency, power loss, fault codes, durability of mechanical parts etc. But please note, ecu coding are NOT universal for all vehicles, please check compatibility with VIN number before purchase.

4.Wireless Connection, Bluetooth Diagnosis:

Many traditional diagnostic scan tools are equipped with diagnostic cables and you have to connect the car scanner with the OBDII port via cable during the diagnosis, which limits the diagnostic distance within 1m. While thinktool mini offers wireless connector, making it convenient and efficient during the work.

5.Screenshot & Screen Recorder:

You can capture and save the diagnositc process with this feature rather then use the telephone to take pictures.


1 Oil Reset


2 Elec.Throttle Adaption


3 Steering Angle Reset


4 Battery Matching


5 ABS Bleeding


6 Break-pad Reset


7 DPF Regeneration


8 Gear Learning


9 IMMO Service


10 Injector Coding


11 TPMS Reset


12 Suspension Matching


13 AFS Reset


14 A/T Learning


15 Sunroof Initialization


16 EGR Adaption


17 ODO Reset


18 Airbag Reset


19 Transport Mode


20 A/F Reset


21 Stop/Start Reset


22 NOx Sensor Reset


23 AdBlue Reset (Diesel Engine Exhaust Gas Filter)


24 Seat Calibration


25 Coolant Bleeding


26 Tyre Reset


27 Windows Calibration


28 Language Change


The Other Function of ThinkCar ThinkScan Max :


One-Key Wifi Update

One-Key Screenshot

One-Key Screen Recorder

ThinkCar ThinkScan Max Supports about 94 Car software list :


How to Register ThinkCar ThinkScan Max ?

Step 1 : Choose Time Zone

Step 2 : Agree the agreement term

Step 3 : New Registration , Create APP Account .

ThinkCar ThinkScan Max hardware configuration :

Battery Capacity:3100mAh/7.6V

Screen Size: 5.99 inches

Resolution: 720*1440 pixel

Working Voltage: 5V

Working Current: ≤2.5A

Working Environment: 14 °F ~122°F(-10°℃ ~50°C)

Storage Environment: -4 °F ~140°F(-20°℃~60°C)

ThinkCar ThinkScan Max Packing List :

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