Foxwell NT630 Plus OBD2 Scanner ABS Airbag SAS Calibration Code Reader ODB OBD 2

£109.13 £149.13

Full OBDII Engine Check Light Code Reader

Read/clear code, view live data/freeze frame data/vehicle information, retrieve I/M readiness status and O2 monitor test, etc.

Foxwell NT630 Plus Support Language :

Each device only include 2 kinds language , the one is English , and the other one you can choose from the follow language:

Korea, Spanish, Portuguese, French,Swedish, English, Dutch, Japanese, Italian, Russian, German, Chinese

Foxwell NT630 Plus ABS Airbag Scanner Free Upgrade Forever !!!

With internet access, you will always have the latest bug fixes, new vehicles, newly added parameters and functionality at your fingertips.

Package List:

1 pc x Foxwell NT630 Plus

1 pc x User's Guide

1 pc x Memory Card

1 pc x USB Cable

1 pc x Diagnostic Cable

1 pc x plastic case or carton box

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