Delphi DS150E Autocom CDP Professional Car and Truck Obd2 Diagnostic Tools bluetooth


The 4 top services we can offer

Version 1.2020.23 software can support vehicles up to 2020
2. This is PCB V3.0 version with 9241 chips, which can support more vehicles and is more stable. the best choice for workshop use.
3. We can provide German language installation guide and installation video (by email).
4. One year warranty on the device.

software and systems

1. The package comes with software version 2017R3 or 2020.23. If you need another version of the software, please contact us for the download link.
2. Required Windows system: Windows 7 and Windows 10. Only 2014R2 version software can be installed for XP system.
3. Software language: English, Cesky, Dansk, German, Spanish, French, Greek, Dutch, Hungarian, Italian, Norsk, Polish, Romania, Russian, Srpski, Suomen Kieli, Svenska, Turkish and so on.

main function

1. Can support 80% of vehicles in the market from 1998 to 2019. 2016R0 software can support vehicles up to 2019.
2. Manufacturer-specific diagnosis (engine, airbag, ABS and much more)
3. Read out and erase error codes and adaptations
4. Reset service interval, open and close parking brake
5. Connection via USB or Bluetooth (depending on the option when ordering)

hardware setting

1. Disable the antivirus software when installing the software
2. Please update the driver in Device Manager and select the driver folder from the CD.
3. Test the device in the hardware setting. If the test is OK, you can use the device.

Delivery content

1 x New design interface with led obd cable
1x USB cable

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