Black Friday Special Sale 5.5KW Hybrid Solar Inverter MPPT 110A 500VDC PV Input 220VAC 48VDC Pure Sine Wav

£449.99 £900

Products Description

1.Rate Power: 3500VA/3500W 5500VA/5500W
2.Pure sine wave output, output power factor 1.0
3.Programmable supply priority for PV,Battery or Grid
4.User-adjustable charge current and voltage
5.Wide PV input range (120Vdc -500Vdc),110A MPPT SCC
6.Working without batteries in sunny day
7.WIFI Monitoring Function (optional)
8.Anti-dusk kit for harsh environment(optional)
9.LCD remote control with 10 meters wire(optional)
10.PV and electricity comple mentary
11.Use with lithium battery


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